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You are locked inside. The only thing keeping your mind together is your AI best friend. Most places are just a memory to you now.


This game was made in approximately 4 days for the Haunted PS1 Wretched Weekend 1 Game Jam.



Walk - WASD

Sprint - Shift

Interact - E

Exit Virtual - Esc



Created By: Bryce Bucher

Shaders: Modus Interactive

FPS Controller: Breogan Hackett

Music: Don't Look Now, The Future is in Peril by Chiroptera


Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BryceBucher


Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(163 total ratings)
AuthorBryce Bucher
TagsHorror, Low-poly, PSX (PlayStation), Walking simulator


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Remember Places 1.2 51 MB

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bro why i can't even turn on the electricity at the start?...

The part where came out the computer actually got me ngl 


this game is SO BEAUTIFUL. it gets scary when *that thing* happens but during almost the entire game i felt so nostalgic and sad(?). not sad, more like that feeling you get when you know that you won't see this person (or this place) anymore. not a goodbye but kinda like it. makes me remember my childhood for some reason. english is not my first language so it's hard for me to express myself sorry lol


nice game

Really cool game mechanic

This was a fun experience! Very surreal and unique, I recommend!

Such a great experience!


loved it :]



HEAR ME OUT!! ¡!!! 

Deleted 65 days ago



Hello I will be checking this game out LIVE tomorrow 7/24 around 7-730 PM EST =) Twitch.tv/twallsx4

much spook

this is truly awesome, i love this game

This was a good experience!

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it's the year of our lord 2023 and this game u made 3 yrs ago is the part of me that talks to chatbots, i think.
couldn't press esc at That moment bc nothing could make me want to leave lol
and just as an aside 4 why im here -- dope mistar whyte model, so shaped

edit: i have fatum betula from bundle for ukraine? oh fuc yes

the game is amazing but sadly i couldn't play it passed the beach level because of the power box bug. i did read threw the comments and changing the resolution didn't fix it. i hope this gets fixed so more people can have fun.

Deleted 76 days ago

Played at 4am truly one of the best experiences I've had. A work of art, dystopic and subtly horrific. Thanks!

fun game

I have played the game Twice...

In my opinion, the game kind of feels, generic. The character/entity becoming more and more unusual towards you, the level design, and so on.

But it still feels, straightforward. The moment I saw the Entity in the real world, I got really scared. However it took 5 seconds for me to realise I had to switch the power off. And get out of that damned room.

The very moment I realised there was actually nothing outside the room, I just bursted into laughter. Realising how damn right that Entity was. But still, I will give you guys props for making a good OST, it did make me think I was in impending doom.

I would give this game, pretty much the maximum amount of stars that itch.io supports :3

Either way, this is a pretty good game for what it is!

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Can you make this for mac?


Loved it, this game just captures the feelings of Parasocial relations. Or at least as I experienced it.

I had a feeling something was off when I couldn't find a keyboard, mouse, or any cables :D

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Little but warmful,I'm not good at English,but I can feel that it's an interesting story

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I couldn't even play it.
There is an error or something when the power goes off in that room and when i tried to turn on the computer it dosen't work )):


yeah, mine did the same


A short game but a good one. The PSX style graphics are spot on. Loved it

Oh how nice it would be to have a less clingy friend.

Starts at: 27:12


always a pleasure to play your games

Full Play No Commentary 


Unique idea is kinda a understatement lol. I hope you make something like this again since this is the kind of stuff i expect from horror well done!

This one made you think a little and had and interesting narrative, definitely worth a try if you're interested! It's pretty short but fun nonetheless, glad I checked it out for a video :)

You won't leave, right?


love this

I love the theme of this. I'm a big fan of horror based around technology. Great work!

i really like the idea that u can leave the game and go to the "real world"


the dreamcore sort of style is amazing, reminds me of LSD Dream Emulator in a way. more games should take advantage of weirdcore since its mostly based on making things feel unnerving.


When I reach the power box nothing happens when I press it

Cool game! Adding to your video library in the comment section with my playthrough. :)

Hi there nice game it was very creepy at the end good job

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