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Lake Ophelia. A strange little place full of fish from all around the world. Nobody is quite sure why, and it seems like most people don't really care to find out. Go ahead, sink your lure and see what you can catch.


We Got:

  • 30+ Fish To Catch
  • Cookin'
  • A Buncha Lures And Rods To Collect
  • Full Controller Support
  • Some Other Stuff



Walk - WASD

Run - Shift

Inventory - Q

Interact - E

Cast & Reel - Right Mouse

Menu - Esc



Created By: Bryce Bucher

Music: Simone Peltier

Additional Programming: Johnny Feverdream

Additional Assets: Modus Interactive, Kitet, Tim

VHS Conversion: Scorpy


Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BryceBucher


Updated 56 minutes ago
StatusIn development
AuthorBryce Bucher
Tags3D, Fishing, Horror, lowpoly, PSX, Singleplayer


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Great game, the fishing was fab and the eventual ending was an unexpected treat. Really cool tonal shift. Also top notch claymation.


Really cool game.  I did not understanding the ending at all but still had fun fishing!


LoL I'm too poor to afford it 😂


i cant play the game but i bet its amazing :D


Any plans for a Steam release?



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Beautiful detailed environments that are a pleasure to explore, fun fishing mechanics that are smooth and clearly a lot of effort was put into, and so much more. Must buy for any fishing game or psx lover.




Still taking my time to finish up the game but it's incredibly high quality and immersive and, of course, fun. The amount of passion and work that went into everything is really noticeable, I really hope you can keep producing more stuff! you deserve every praise


крутая игра молодцы! так держать)


Best fishing game I've ever played, Haunted PS1 fans will get a REEL big kick out of the secret's hidden throughout the map!

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The cave is absolutely beautiful at night. I love the music that plays here.

Found all the hidden lures, beat the game, and got all of the fish except the last one. If anyone has any idea how to get it, let me know. Great game! Thanks for making it.


the last fish I assume is luck based!


Ah cool. I was finally able to get the last fish. Ate for some luck and then, after sleeping, it spawned in the shallow part of the lake opposite the side of the camp.

nice! 💪💪💪


this game good as hell! got damn!


What a masterpiece! Truly a fishing game for the ages. The mixture of pre-rendered clay and PSX elements really create a unique visual style I haven't seen a whole lot before. The fishing is fun and responsive, and you can really take your time to explore the lakeside. It's also got plenty of fun secrets to hunt for if that's your sort of thing!

Never before have I been able to catch endangered species and eat them except that one time I stayed with my weird uncle Peter on his ranch.