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This was a very surreal game, the atmosphere was incredibly eerie and unsettling. I loved how the game would give hints in the lore about what could possibly lead to different endings. Although we had trouble progressing at times it did help piece things together as we went through it. We made 2 videos on it and got several different endings in the two hours of gameplay, but there's definitely a number of them that we didn't get to yet. I will probably try to get to the rest of them off-video, but overall I'm happy that we checked it out on the Switch and I really enjoyed the playthrough!

Just played the Haunted PS1 Demo. Is the walking speed still that slow in the full release?


Amazing Game! Played it so much. The atmosphere and music are superb and the philosophical ruminations of it all hit home for me.


Played it on the Switch and Steam and really enjoyed it. Keep on it.


This looks AWESOME!

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Hello, I'm doing a playthrough on your game (absolutely amazing so far (loved Disparity of the Dead aswell)), but I'm having trouble getting Ending 9. googled how to get it and I got this site:

Followed it through, still couldn't get it. Watched playthroughs, nope. Checked other sites, same walkthrough as the other, still couldn't. I don't know if I have to follow it exactly in the order as it is listed or what. I also can't get Ezekiel to appear. Tried Wine, Growth, and Immortality, and nothing. Idk if he's a Steam exclusive or. Anyways, Your help would be much appreciated. Either way, still loving the game and its many intricacies. Hope for a response, have a nice day :)

Edit: Oops, nvm, heard it's random chance for both. I'll work hard to get them. Anyways, Still hope you have a wonderful day, and can't wait to see wait you make next :)


Late to the party but here is the ending 0 no commentary run, Ill have to figure out what to do next lol great game!


It was a lot of fun exploring and experimenting with the many fluids.

Pretty sure I found the majority of the endings, but haven't sussed out what to do about that Immortal Skeleton and Well Witch yet.

Very happy to see that feeding the Dream Fish to the Oily Kitty did this.


It's a lovely little game! how many endings are there? I only managed to find two


10 I believe