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I loved it. Has no meaning or sense but in the technical field its done very correctly. First, i loved the display size being square, like in small old phones, or PSX. The artifacts and stretched sprites looked very nice. The controls and camera angles were very atmospheric. 

In the first game, i don't understand whats happening. You play as a woman and hit a monitor with a face with a knife, that's it. Looks good but the game itself was borng and short.

Second game is better, you play as a man in a suit floating in photos, with good invisible walls which make you feel like you are actually walking. You walk into dead ends and stumble upon a blue creature sitting sadly doing nothing.

Biggest problem even though it is intended to be short and its made for a game jam, too short, no meaning. I would really want for you to create more and longer games like this but with actual meaning.

6/10 for length.

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Is there any chance to get Html or Mac version? Curiosity is killing me right now!

It would honestly probably be more trouble than it's worth. Each game has about 5 minutes of "content".


Played this for a 4 free indie horrors, And was very weirded out. It was really interesting and unique, but was kinda obscure in my opinion. But i liked both of the games! Make something with an ending next time and a little longer, I really wanna see what you can do! Lot's of Silent Hill vibes and I loved it! If you're interested you can watch my playthrough below! 


I liked both concepts and hope that if you ever get the inspiration to make either of these in to full games that you do so especially the second one.


First Game:

I really liked the Point and Click Adventure like controls here.  

The room also just feels creepy, the projection of a random field with a chair, the radio, the empty book, the Face on the Computer Screen. Really great

Second Game:

The Photorealistic Background really adds a level of uneasyness, this becomes worse once you enter the other shack and take a look at the background there.

Also the way the protagonist moves is really unsettling.

I was scared to move to the next screen all the time