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love this aesthetic, minimal visuals yet attacks are clearly readable. had a glitch where after I won I died while I was in the menu but ive made much worse so... xD


This is extremely good! Great and unique visuals, fitting music and tight gameplay (only perhaps the "stomping" and "shooting" hands should have different xx coordinates since they can overlap and be difficult to parse). 

Great job!


this is the best game ever if you make more of this i will surely buy it

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There is a bug when you are jump up ,character will be seen as being in the hightlight area. if the hightlight area be attacked you were be attacked too.

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It's too complicated man, I don't understand how to play it. After I struggled my way through the splashscreen and main menu, I get into the game. It feels like I'm in the tutorial, but there is nothing explaining what to do or how to play the game.

For those wondering how to even start the game: first hold down space at the splashscreen, move through the menu by tapping space and click a button by holding down space.


I loved it!! The idea, the stylization, atmosphere! Great!


Game was suggested to me by a friend. It's honestly a lot of fun and really well made. The menu is a bit weird to figure out but it makes complete sense to have it like that. Perhaps the hardest part of the game is getting used to the movement system. The game is challenging, but it never felt unfair which is good. The music is pretty good to hear. Only bug I found was I died at the split last second of the final phase. I was allowed to retry but the boss was stuck in the final animation in a loop. So over all, it's an unusual but well made and fun game.


This game is spectacular. The menu is pretty weird, but I could see this being a full game with multiple bosses. After some practice, I was able to get through the first two phases without without losing any health, no checkpoints. That just shows how well designed it is.